Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Jacket - Derek Lam
Dress - Max Studio

Bracelets - 14K Gold
Bag - Louis Vuitton 

Yesterday, my family and I ended up going indy for Aldo. Initially, I was going to get boots from there but I didn't have time to even try them on. I pretty much spend most of my time in there picking out bags for my sister. I did buy a cool pair of sandals with stud in black, though. I wanted both in nude and black but they didn't have my size. Sale rep suggested ordering them online but I was like..ummmmm...maybe not. I said I will give Aldo online a chance but I guess I'm still a little traumatized by past incidents. Victoria's Secret was having panty party so I had to stop by and grabbed some undies. I didn't buy much at the Circle Center thinking we would have time to go Nordstrom but we didn't. I'm so disappointed that my city does not have a Nordstrom. Carson's is coming soon to Fort Wayne. It supposed to open this month. I heard it's almost the same as Macy's but better? I never did go in Carson's every time we go Circle Center probably because they have bedding center by the entrance area. Show me shoes...and I'm there!

Above pics are some snapshots taken by the Monument Circle. As you guys know, I'm all for comfort. I wore an oversized jacket over a dress with a messy bun. I would call this my loose, comfy, casual look. I didn't even bother picking out accessories other than sunnies and the bracelets (oh, and my anklet) which I haven't taken out for days. What do you guys think of this jacket?

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dress - H&M

Hat - H&M
Tie - H&M
Bag - Lulu's
Boots - H&M
I've been wearing these boots like everyday. I'm sorry if you guys are sick and tired of looking at them. Remember the ridiculous looking maxi dress from my last H&M trip? This was it--big, boxy-looking maxi dress! Maxi dresses are nice to have but you could get lost in it if you are not tall enough to wear them. That's why I pair them with wedges and high heels. I like how this dress has a print kinda looks like a leopard and a cut out at the back. What I really love about this dress is having to pay only 10 bucks for it- can you believe that? 

Remember that scarf belt look I did before? You can check it out here again. While I was trying this dress at H&M, it didn't look right on me so I looked for a belt to cinch my waist line. Somehow I ended up grabbing a neck tie from men's section. I doubled wrapped it and tied a bow and voila-- a tie became a belt! What do you guys think of this tie belt? If you guys are interested, ALDO is having 15% off for all labor day weekend sale for both online and in-store.  Use "SLDAY13" code when you check out online. It ends on monday! I had bad experience with ALDO online but I love their shoes and bags. I may end up driving to Indy just for that deal. Anyways, I hope you guys like my tie belt look. Have an awesome weekend guys!


Saturday, August 31, 2013


Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch
Pants - Forever21
Bag - LuLu
Shoes - H&M

I am a snoozeaholic (if that's not a real word - it should be). Morning is just not for me but can't really avoid the fact that waking up early is a must for certain things like...classes and stuff. I'm so glad I don't have 7:30 classes this semester--THANK YOU, GOD! I ended up snoozing a little more than I intended so I ended up wearing the first things I can grab in the closet and run to class. I hope it doesn't become my daily ritual like last semester. 

I got these classic black and white poker dots pants a few weeks ago from Forever21. I saw them on one of the mannequins and my heart literally skipped a few beats. One of the sales rep found the last 2 pairs they have left and this is one of them. You guys should have been there to see my face when she handed me my size. I am pretty sure I looked like one of those anime characters with sparks on the eyes and a huge smile--umm, maybe not as cute as an anime char but you get the point, right? 

I went to H&M yesterday and got myself a leather vest along with a few things that I don't even recall (probably things I don't even need). I went back to H&M today for the pair of pants that I mentioned to you guys. I liked the colors, patterns, and all... until I tried them on. Before I go in the store, I told myself that I will only get that one pair of pants and leave. Guess what? Mission failed. I ended up getting a shirt with fringes (honestly, fringes are not even my thing), a hat, men's tie, and a ridiculous-looking maxi dress so... basically... I ended up buying things I don't need. I hate when clothing stores and supermarkets do that to me. Has that ever happen to you guys? Please share your experience down below. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and as always..thank you so much for visiting my blog.


Friday, August 30, 2013


Top - H&M 
Bottom - Abercrombie & Fitch

Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Boots - H&M
Happy Friday! I don't know about you but I did miss you guys a lot. Every single day, for the past few days, I've been wishing not to wake up looking like a zombie so I can actually take some pics to upload. I've got this cold / allergy for a few days now. I'll probably have to check with my doctor if it doesn't get better by next week. I find myself putting more moisturizers around my nose area and wearing long sleeves. This oversize stripped shirt was perfect because it is a sheer shirt that I can wear along or wear it over or under. I wore a black cami inside so it looks appropriate for school. Also, since it's a oversize shirt, I tied the bottom around my waist to create a shape. I've been using this bag a lot and I will probably use it until it falls apart. This bag fits my 13"mac, sketchbook, tablet...and pretty much everything!

I wore these same boots here but I had a mixed feelings about them because 1| I hated anything lace up 'coz I am too lazy to tie those up especially when I try on outfits in the mall (for that reason, I usually go shopping in flats...I might have already mentioned that) and 2| They are higher than what I normally wear so I was kinda intimidate to wear it everywhere. But now that I've been wearing these a lot...oh, boy, I am soooo in love with them. They are super comfortable to run around in. Yes, I did say "run around." I totally recommend these to everyone who wants to own a pair of super high but comfy platform booties. Oh, I almost forgot...H&M is giving 15% discount for any students and teachers if you show them your school ID. It ends TODAY (aug. 30)!!! Go get yourself a pair of pants or whatever...'coz you deserve it! I know I'm going there again today for these SUPER stretchy pants. Have fun shopping at H&M and hope you have an awesome day!