Saturday, July 13, 2013


Romper - Macy's
Jacket - Gap
Purse and Shoes - Aldo's
Necklace - Forever21

I went to 3 River Festival last night. For the look, I've decided to wear something girly yet extremely comfortable. I wore sneakers so I won't get stepped on by people since the fest is packed with tons of people each year and wore a romper so I won't have problem bending down or riding rides without showing too much skin or have Marilyn Monroe's moment. Anyways, here are some of the scenes that caught my eyes. 

I am still a Hello Kitty fan. Don't judge.
Filipino Satay
Price for these little satay sticks go up each year - it's crazy! But they are so delish you just got to have them. These are $3.25 per stick this year and mini (rubbish) egg rolls 4x are $2.50.

Every single festivals, funnel cakes and elephant ears A-Must for my family. It is probably because we don't get to eat them every day (not even every month). Maybe I should just youtube for the recipe and make my own so I can make room for some other food I've never tried.

Slushies in many flavors!!! I don't remember seeing them last year at the festival.

My nephew wanted to try them but he loves food in generally so I had to be a mean aunt and said "no". I normally don't mind having junk foods as snacks but having them fried is just ridiculous! But would you try them?