Friday, July 26, 2013


Dress - H&M
Bag - ALDO

Necklace - Francescas Collection
Shoes - Michael Kors

Happy Saturday! Today, we are heading to Indy (Indianapolis) for retail therapy and won't be back till midnight. I love shopping! I get thrills every time we go shopping in Indy or Chicago because that means new stuffs for my wardrobe. I took these images for you guys ahead of time so you won't miss a post just because I was out shopping and pigging out. Friday was my day off so I didn't do much other than eating lots of food: BBQ rib tips, gyros sandwich, chicago hotdog, fries, and some chocolates. I really should cut down my fatty intakes. I thought about uploading those food pics for the blog but I decided not. Beside shopping and food, I also enjoy taking food pictures. 

I didn't get to wear this dress until yesterday. The dress didn't fit right so I had to alter it a little. I made a mistake of not trying on before purchase. I love H&M clothing but some of their stuffs have wrong measures or maybe I am just petite. As I was posing for the shoot, I got bored of standing around so I attempted famous levitate pose. Notice the word attempted? Yeah... When it failed I ended the shoot with a jump shot. 

Today's outfit was very quick and simple. The dress has a beautiful, serene landscape scene. Since the dress has blue (cool tone) all over, I paired up with orange (warm tone) to complete this look.