Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dress - Macy's
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Accessories - Bebe
Bag - Louis Vuitton

What a busy day! I've been running around all day. I can finally get to upload some pictures. According to my family,  the dress I wore yesterday for today's post didn't really go well with my body. So I had to find time to take new pictures today. It was too windy to take outdoor pictures. I do wish I was wearing something flowy, but I didn't and I didn't have hair tie for my hair, either. It was too windy! I swear it almost blew me away. My hair was unmanageable, sun was blinding me, and everything felt wrong.

Okay, okay, I will stop complaining and start talking about today's look. Oh, peplum, will you ever get out of style? I do love how it covers the mid-section. I can eat as much as I want before the photo shoot and still look like I starved myself before. I actually had a BBQ chicken leg quarter, corns, baked beans, and a cream cheese pie before heading out to take these. I am a big eater, don't judge. Anyways, I think coral is such a playful and youthful color. Plus, it's perfect for summer! I paired it with nude pumps to elongate my legs. I wore a statement necklace that compliment the black lines from the dress and matched the bracelet and earrings accordingly. I hope you like this look.