Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dress - H&M
Earrings - H&M

Bag - Anne Klein
Heels - Zara
I wore this for dinner date. Hmm...Does it still call a dinner date when you and you boyfriend eat out all the time? I've been going shopping a lot lately. My online orders from H&M should arrive today--super excited!! I went H&M store yesterday and got myself a pairs of lace up booties for fall & scored some goodies. I also went shopping the other day for dresses and more yet I [always] feel like I never have anything to wear--do you guys have that problem, too? I hate paying full price on most of my stuffs unless I fall in love on first sight, which I normally do but I've been trying so hard to cut down those love ties...a little by little. My eyes spark when I see red tags and SALES signs.  

Okay, back to the outfit! Since I know I'll be having food..lots of food...I went with this comfortable and worry-free dress. I can stuff myself all I want and not have to worry about looking bloated after, smart choice, eh? I had a stranger lady stopped me and complimented on the sweet of her =^.^= This bag is my new fav. bag, if I haven't already mentioned. I got this bag for cheap so I can wear it everyday and don't have to think about wear and tear plus it makes any outfit looks dressier (probably because of the chain which look exactly just like Chanel). Oh, almost forgot...did you guys notice my awesome wing earring with cuff? It was only $5.95. I love it just because I don't own anything like that. It's kinda hard to take back out, though. Hope you like this look and I'll see you soon!