Thursday, August 22, 2013


Jacket - Wilson
T-shirt - Hanes
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Zara

Bag - Calvin Klein

Summer hasn't been over yet but I found myself dressing for fall already. Leather, oh, leather...they are the wardrobe staple for all seasons (almost). You can practically wear them over dresses, shorts, skirts..pretty much anything and they NEVER go out of style...EVER! Hopefully, I will have time to take a one quick trip back to Indy or Chicago for jacket shopping before going back to school next week. Since I am wearing a mixture of faux leathers and real leathers, I decided to wear a cotton t-shirt with it. Not only the cotton fabric cools off the heat, it also gives this outfit more of a relaxed, casual look. I rolled up the sleeves of the t-shirt to give a little personality. White tees are basic but also all-season staple. This new bag is actually my sister's. I convinced her to buy the bag, so I get to use it for free. Haha, no, not really! I love how soft it is and the love the purpose (space expender) and the quilted detail and the zipper around the bag. I really should go back to florals and bright colors. Tell me what you think of this look.