Monday, August 5, 2013


Dress - Marshalls

Bag - Nordstrom
Shoes - Michael Kors
Happy Morning! I got up a lot earlier than I used to to play with my new phone. I finally got my hands on Samsung Galaxy S4. I have been meaning to switch the service because T-Mobile has terrible reception, but couldn't decide whether we wanted AT&T or Sprint. Yesterday, out of the blue, my boyfriend asked which phone and which service I wanted. I had to be a smart customer and got Sprint because they have better deal for same price. I used to have Sprint back in the days and I hated it but I heard they've improved a lot. I still have 14 more days to test out the service so we'll see about that. 

Remember the dress I mentioned yesterday? Well, here it is. I love soft feminine vibe from pastel colors. Here I am pairing the dress with... guess what? a blue strap wearing as a belt. It actually is a bag strap from this bag. Ten bags could mean you have 10 extra belts that you never thought you had. ISN'T THIS AWESOME?! This is what I love about fashion! If you can find things that works, showcase it. These are my new favorite shoes, by the way. It has soft leather and so comfortable to walk in and the color, white, is a plus because white never goes out of style. I tried to keep everything soft and neutral it almost look spring outfit, doesn't it? Hate it or love it? Comment below. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you have an awesome monday.