Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Shirt - JFK airport, NYC
Belt - DKNY
Shorts - Macy's

Jacket - Abercrombie & Fitch
Bracelets - 18K Gold
Rings - Forever21
It looks like summer but feels like fall already. I don't want to store up summer shorts just yet. I will try to carry them over fall by pairing them with leggings and stuffs even though that's not really my style. Since I am trying to challenge myself by creating new pieces out of my wardrobe, I may give it a shot. I <3 ___ shirts are like on the top of must buy list every time my family travels. My sis actually got this for me while she went to NYC on her vacation trip along with I <3 NY pens, chocolates, ...everything. She probably been to NYC about 12 that I think of it, I probably have 12x I <3 NY shirts somewhere in my storage box...Oh, Lord!

The wind is getting chilly so I decided to go with denim on denim look and my brand new mirrored aviator. Aviator shape doesn't really compliment my round face but I am in a experimental, trying to figure out my style, phase...I went with it plus it's SUPER cool looking! I thought I kinda look like a bad ass cop. I was going to wear boots with this outfit but I couldn't let go of my feminine side and was kinda intimidate to go all out edgy (to be honest). Confident is the key to wearing any outfits after all. Oh, did you guys notice my neko "cat" ring? The ring pack came with panda, bunny, and these cat ears. I am obsessed with girly, kawaii "cute" stuffs and could not resist buying them. They are super adorable!!! Denim on denim trend is something you should follow, guys..that's goes for you too!  If you haven't because I am pretty sure almost all of you have jeans jacket or shirts somewhere in that closet of yours and who doesn't own a pair of jeans, right? It's so easy to pair them together. If you are a beginner try pairing them up with maybe ligher at the top and darker at the bottom. What do you think of this look?