Saturday, August 3, 2013


Dress - Hollister Co.
Coat - Tommy Hilfiger

Bag - Givenchy (Parfums)
Boots - Hunters by JIMMY CHOO
Rain, oh, rain...I hate driving in it as much as I hate driving in the snow. I do love walking in the rain, though. I love the sound of the water drops, smell of the nature, and most of all..wearing a trench coat. I am obsessed with them. I cannot walk by Coach store without pointing at the mannequin and saying "Ooh, I love that trench coat" even when they are just like any other basic trench coats. I will try to collect them once I am out of school and have a decent job :) My sis got me pretty umbrellas while she went back to my country because I never buy them myself.

Since it was gloomy out from all those lovely rain, I decided to wear something fun and colorful to brighten the day. My top knot gone wild after jumping around but it didn't matter. Rainy days maybe the easiest day to find dress up because you can never wrong with a cloth that has color or colors, a trench coat, and a pair of rain boots. Umbrella is overlooked but it count as accessory, too.

Tip for choosing bag in rainy day: try to wear inexpensive waterproof bag with faux leather or plastic finish to avoid weather damaging your precious bags. Thank you so much for visiting Crazywasabii and I hope you have an amazing weekend.